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The Seventh World Martial Arts Radio Network Show is now available: The World Martial Arts Magazine Show. Your host Claire Poulton interviews our special guest Grand Master Richard Hackworth: Hapkido Grand Master, TaeKwonDo Grand Master, Korean Sword Grand Master, Korean YuSool Grand Master, Editor for World Martial Arts Magazine, World Martial Arts TV Host, and President CEO of American Dragon Martial Arts Academy in Winter Garden FL.

Click on the Speaker Icon or HERE August 1, 2011 to listen to this broadcast.

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The World Martial Arts Radio Network features award winning shows with the biggest Movie Stars, TV & Radio Celebrities, and Experts from the martial arts and action film entertainment industry! Our popular line up of shows includes:

"The World Martial Arts Radio Show"

With Dr. Richard Hackworth and Grand Master Gary Pointer. This is a raw and lively show that will have you in tears laughing. If Howard Stern did a martial arts radio show, this would be it! With show segments like "Dirt-bag of the Week" and "You're Just Jealous" you know that someone's feelings are going to get hurt. Richard Hackworth is the wildly entertaining host that will have you holding your sides laughing as he exposes the "jokes of the martial arts world".

"The Martial Arts Success Show"

With Master Fred Parks and Dr. Richard Hackworth is your one stop shop for getting the “politically incorrect” advice you need to grow a highly successful martial arts school. What makes this show better advice than the "B.S." marketers in the martial arts industry? Master Fred Parks and Dr. Richard Hackworth help martial arts school owners across the country reach a new level of success by introducing cutting edge teaching and training concepts. Tune in each week for a free martial arts business success seminar with America's favorite instructors.

"The Nutrition 2 Success Show"

With Claire Poulton and Dr. Richard Hackworth. Claire Poulton is a nutritional Research Specialist whose focus is on achieving and maintaining good health through nutrition and exercise. Avoiding Pharmaceuticals, especially as we get older, is crucial to keeping fit, healthy and looking good at any age. Dr. Richard Hackworth has a PhD. in Natural Medicine and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Don't miss these shows for the latest break-throughs in nutrition research.